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harpe is an online jewelry boutique based in Seattle, Washington for the vibrant, fun, sassy, "it girl" who loves jewelry at guilt-free prices -- does it get any better? We take pride in curating the pieces we carry, making sure you receive the very best, always. 
We constantly are adding new and unique pieces to keep the selection fresh, so keep up with us! Join us on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter) to keep up with the new and to get details on behind the scenes fun! 




We want to make you feel amazing! We want to do it in a thoughtful way -- without breaking the bank, without compromising quality, and while still having FUN! With a combination of gorgeous pieces at guilt-free prices, and amazing customer service, we will help you feel your best (and get ready for all those compliments!).




I was lucky to find my passion early on. I remember my first job working at this little girl's store called Club Libby Lu and loving every moment of it. I took that passion and went to school to further my background. I received a degree in Textiles & Merchandising and another in Communication with a focus in Advertising. After college, I started working in the corporate world but after a couple years, I learned it wasn't a great fit and I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Was it because I finished college and went into the world of e-commerce or was I past my love my retail? It took a few years (and jobs) to figure it out but I learned a lot about myself as an individual. After settling down in a product development role, I couldn't stop thinking about doing something on my own. I quickly realized, what I loved most about my roles was that I was giving customers an experience. I wanted to create something meaningful, something that people could get joy from. I slowly started working on harpe in 2016, deciding what I wanted harpe to be. It was first a full-blown clothing boutique, next it was a home store, and then I had my ah-ha moment! Jewelry! I didn't know what it would look like but I knew it had to be vibrant, fun, for the everyday woman -- the business woman "boss lady", the busy mom, or the social bee. I decided to work on harpe while working full-time. It started small with figuring out the logistics and something unexpected happened. I was laid-off in early July 2017. I don't know if I believe in 'destiny' but the timing couldn't of been any more perfect. It has taken longer than I could ever imagine but it's evolved into something I couldn't be more proud of. It's the vision that every woman deserves a moment to feel beautiful, to feel special. From the jewelry to the packaging, I hope it's everything you wished for and more. So, as this journey continues to grow, I have to say THANK YOU for the support. And please, if you have any comments or questions, I would love to hear them! The feedback is appreciated. XOXO, JOANNA. 




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